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Behind HMStudio

Co-Founder: Meutia Rahmadina and Partners

The HMStudio was first established in Jakarta in year 2020. We are a young and growing architecture design and interior design firm with the motto “because designed spaces matter” because the team behind HMStudio believes that design creates impact not just visually, but also in terms of comfort and functionality which are often overlooked when design is not present from the start of a project. Therefore we will always strive to create harmony between aesthetic, comfort, and functionality in our one-stop design service: architecture and interior design. We are based in the capital cities of Indonesia and Italy: Jakarta and Milan respectively. Although our current portfolio consisted of residential projects, we are open to many types of projects and styles; be it classic, minimalist, or modern-classic! Please feel free to browse through our past projects. If you are interested to have your property designed (be it architecture/interior design, or both), feel free to contact us through email at

Our Work Flow

Initial offline/online meeting between client and HMStudio team

When we receive your email for design enquiries, we will schedule an offline/online meeting with you to discuss about the potential project. The following aspects are to be communicated in the first meeting:

  • Design scope (interior design only/architecture only/both)

  • Work scope (design only/design and build)

  • Project type (hotel/restaurant/office/retail store/home)

  • Total space area

  • Budget

  • Expected completion time

  • Personal design preference

Design Service Contract and Fee Proposal (Design Only/Design and Build)

We will send you the design service contract and design fee proposal for you to consider before officially hiring us for the project.

1. The contract will outline the terms and conditions of our service

2. The design fee proposal


Once we reach an agreement, the contract and the design fee proposal are to be signed on the hardcopy file by both parties.

Alternative 1: Design-Only Service

Phase I: Conceptual Design

Phase II: Preliminary Design

Phase III: Construction Drawings

The output will be: Concept, 3D renders and Construction Drawings. You will have a final visualization of the designed project and the construction drawings for the project to be built separately by independent contractors.

Alternative 2: Design and Build Service

Phase I: Conceptual Design

Phase II: Preliminary Design

Phase III: Construction Drawings

Phase IV: Supervision

For the Design and Build service, our service includes the supervision of the project until completion by cooperating with our sub-Architecture/Interior Design Contractors. The Construction Drawings from Phase IV will be the basis for the Bill of Quantity proposed by the contractors. This will be open for further negotiation with you.

Building your Project

Once the Bill of Quantity proposal from the subcontractors is agreed by both the client, the subcontractors, and the HMStudio team, we will proceed to the construction of the project. The HMStudio team will supervise the project from start to finish.

The Retention Period

Congratulations! Your project is now built. Certainly we will give our best throughout the whole process. But should you find any defects or things that we need to fix after the completion of the projects, our partner sub-Architecture/Interior Design contractors will provide you a retention period where they will guarantee certain number of months after project completion that remain their responsibility to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Your Thoughts Matter

Let us know what you think of the overall project! This is optional, but we will send you by email an online form for you, as our treasured clients, to fill regarding your overall experience with our service. We hope to give a satisfying design service for you. If you are happy with our design service, do let your friends/families know about us. Every clients are important for us, and we look forward to working on future projects with you!